Jah Oil to get 25-year approval to till Bayaba Rice Field - Lands Minister

Jul 5, 2024, 10:42 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh in CRR

Minister Hamat Bah & CEO Hamidou Jah
Jah Oil Company, a homegrown and people-centred establishment that has continued to carve a niche for itself in the country’s oil industry, stands to benefit from the Barrow-led government’s offer of leasehold to investors, in this instance, using the Bayaba Rice Field for 25 years.

According to Lands Minister Hamat Bah, based on the leasehold condition by the government, the CEO of Jah Oil Company, Hamidou Jah, would be given a minimum of 25 years to use the Bayaba Rice field but 15 per cent of the developed land would be devoted to the said community.

Under the instruction of President Adama Barrow, any developed leasehold or land to be allocated to any investor or member of the private sector for commercial purposes will be given a minimum approval of 25 years, but 15 per cent of the developed land would be devoted to the community to improve their livelihood and eradicate poverty, the Lands minister said.

Hon. Bah made this remark recently during the official commissioning of the 7KM constructed road funded by Jah Oil Company in Sami District of Central River Region.

According to the lands minister, the condition of a minimum of 25 years and 15 percent devoted to the community was approved by the Gambian President Adama Barrow, which the Minister said he follows and implements. 

 “25 years is fixed and 15 percent is fixed,” Minister Bah affirmed, saying: “These are conditions that are implemented in Njianija in CRR and, likewise, the same condition would be applied in Sami district, CRR.”

He also reminded the people of Bayaba that Jah Oil CEO had spent 52 million dollars in the preparation of the rice field in Bayaba.

“This a big investment,” he said, adding that he would approve a minimum of 25 years for Jah Oil Company CEO to use the Bayaba Rice Field for the cultivation of rice.

He also challenged the people of Bayaba village to double up efforts and work productively on the allocated 15 per cent of the land to be developed.

He advised the people to show more commitment and work hard for the development of The Gambia.

“Laziness,” he advised, “would not be our problem solver. We must work hard to fight against poverty in this country.”

Hon. Bah further commended CEO Hamidou Jah for his patriotism, hard work and love for his country.

“He has a big heart for this country and we must support him and encourage him to achieve his vision,” the Minister emphasised.

He also described Mr Jah as “action-oriented business man who does not wait for paper work; he believes in action”.   

“Hamidou Jah has invested millions of dollars to prepare the Bayaba Rice field, which was almost neglected,” he pointed out, praising CEO Jah for his “selflessness and patriotism”.

According to the lands minister, considering the massive development he has taken to Sami district, “Mr Jah is worthy of emulation and commendation for his personal stance to promote production in this country.”

By extension, the lands minister also commended President Adama Barrow for creating an environment conducive for the private sector to operate smoothly in The Gambia.

Therefore, he said, the people of Sami should put all hands on deck and work hard with CEO Jah to enable him achieve his goal in rice production.

In conclusion, Hon. Bah said The Gambia needs more of CEO Jah and Jah Oil Company, “who is ready to improve rice production, create employment and cut down importation of rice into the country.