Gambia’s overall covid-19 cases is 146

Jul 23, 2020, 10:47 AM

The Ministry of Health sources on Wednesday revealed that The Gambia has recorded 14 new cases of covid-19.

On Tuesday, 22 new cases were recorded including eight health workers. The country’s total number of covid-19 infections now stands at 146 with 52 recoveries, 5 deaths, 639 under quarantine and 78 active cases. Out of the Tuesday’s 22 cases, 20 were identified, health sources say. One person who tested positive and absconded is now being found and taken to the treatment center.

Below reads the breakdown of newly confirmed 20 (twenty) COVID-19 cases recorded in The Gambia on Tuesday:
2 Gambian Doctors of the EFSTH
4 Cuban Doctors of the EFSTH
1 Cuban Doctor working with MediCare
3 Lebanese of a particular GSM service provider
1 Congolese of UN ( Consultant)
7 Gambians of no occupation
1 Cashier of Stop Stop Pharmacy (Gambian)
1 Production Manager (Gambian)

In separate development, the Senegalese High Commissioner to The Gambia Bassirou Sene, has informed that any one travelling to Senegal by air should do a COVID-19 test to be issued a health certificate of negative result.

The test should be done one week before departure and go through the same formality for the return trip.

The Senegalese Health Ministry yesterday reported 136 cases of covid-19, bringing the country’s total number of infections to 9,121, 6,108 recoveries, 177 deaths and 2,835 under treatment.