Gambians to protest mass deportation

Jan 29, 2021, 10:21 AM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

A Gambians group named ‘Concerned Citizens’ are planning to organise a peaceful demonstration against ongoing mass deportation of Gambians from Germany and other European countries.

The country, in the recent past has witnessed series of Gambians facing deportation from Germany and other European countries.

The Gambia Refugee Association (GRA) alleged that Gambia government signed a deportation agreement with some EU member countries to send back its citizens – a claim that The Gambia government has totally denied.

A flight of 14 Gambian deportees who were detained by German authorities was reported to jet into the country subject to the approval of Gambia government On Wednesday.

Yaya Sonko, spokesperson of The Gambia Refugee Association (GRA) Europe Branch, has informed The Point of a planned mass deportation protest.

He said the protest is scheduled to take place on 30 January 2021 provided they get a permit from the police.

“We might be granted a police permit to protest or not because the day coincides with the launching of the National People’s Party (NPP) but we have requested from IGP for a peaceful protest against deportation”.

However he said if they are denied a permit to protest they will still negotiate.

He said the planned deportation protest is to inform Gambia government and international community about how unprepared they are to receive such mass deportees. He cited the series of reasons, such as; social, security and economic challenges this would bring to the country.

“We are very peaceful people. What we want our government and international community to hear is the future consequence this ongoing mass deportation will bring to our country.”

According to Mr. Sonko, the country is expecting four more flights of deportees before the month of March 2021, noting that Gambia government is still not ready to go into negotiation with its German counterparts in avoiding the ongoing mass deportation.

He further said that Germany, being considered a hot spot for covid-19 will put The Gambia at risk of recording more covid-19 cases as deportees will not be put under 14 days mandatory coronavirus quarantine in Germany to ascertain their health status on the virus.