Gambian named in the seizure of 2,026 kg cocaine

Oct 22, 2021, 11:00 AM

The Observer unveils the identities of the five crew members of the ship intercepted with 2,026 kg of cocaine, 365 km from Dakar, as a man with Gambian citizenship has been identified.

They include Makha Gaye, 44, born in Guédiawaye, and holds dual nationality (Gambian and Senegalese).

There is another Senegalese called Pope Madiop Dièye; he was born on August 23, 1982 in Guédiawaye.

Marrah Foday is a Sierra Leonean and was born in Freetown in 1983?  He was in command of the ship. The 36-year-old Bissau-Guinean, Quecuto Bajo is a sailor; while Conakry Guinean Aliou Camara is a fisherman; he was born February 6, 1987.

The investigation into the 2,026 kg of cocaine seized on the ship “La Rosa”, intercepted 363 km from Dakar, reveals its first secrets.  The police are on the hunt for the brain that is actively sought, reports Source A.

However, the newspaper is careful not to give the whereabouts of the brain not to hinder the investigation.

As for the Guinean-Bissau Quecuto Bajo alias Mané, he is under an international arrest warrant issued by Guinea Bissau.

At the time of his arrest, reports L’Observateur, Mané was in possession of a false Senegalese national identity card.

Passing himself off as a sailor, he lived for many years in Dakar, notably in the Cité Djily Mbaye, adjacent to an inn, not far from the Yoff cemetery.  He was arrested in 2008 for similar acts by the Dic.

He was one of the capos of drug trafficking in Guinea Bissau during the time of General Batista Tagme Na Waie, who was assassinated in an attack. 

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