FTJ re-echoes stance to block draft Constitution if…

Apr 19, 2022, 2:13 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Fabakary Tombong Jatta (FTJ), the newly elected speaker of the National Assembly revealed in an interview with journalist Omar Wally that he has no regret in campaigning against the draft constitution if certain clauses are not revisited.

Speaking on Thursday, he continued that he had no plan in amending or coming up with a new constitution, saying if the draft constitution is returned to the house as it was he would do his best to oppose it.

“Honestly and sincerely, it is not in the interest of this country because there are a lot of clauses that we have petitioned to the commission to review. There are a lot of contradictions, things that are aimed at strangulating leaders. Constitutions are not meant for certain institutions or groups. If the constitution will ensure effective administration and democracy, we have no problem.”

The politician stated that the commission's operational mechanism should be revisited and qualified independent individuals should be entrusted in such positions.

FTJ reaffirmed his position to bring back Jammeh in the country, saying this is not about individuals or Jammeh, it’s about any other president that might come. He added that Gambians should begin to know how they see and respect our presidents. “You can make them accountable without humiliating them.”

Responding to questions regarding his initial step to oppose President Barrow, FTJ said he never opposed Barrow, instead Barrow opposed him while he was in government and that APRC won the 2016 election.

“The bad side of that election is that they didn’t allow us to result in court as it happens now in many cases.”

He said instead of allowing them to rejoice in court, they prefer escorting weapons and ammunition to set the country on flame, adding it is their constitutional mandate to result in court even if the elections were fair but because they want Jammeh out, they didn’t do that.

“I was not against Barrow as president, instead the government but when I come close to Barrow, my perception changed and it’s important to note that leaders are made by those that surround them. In the name of reconciliation, stability and progression of the country, we discussed supporting him.”

He continued to fault the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election, saying he still believed there was foul play.

He clarified that he would never undermine Barrow’s government and would make sure that his progressive programmes for the betterment of the people are carried out.