Flood leaves family in dire need at Jiffarong

Jul 9, 2024, 12:18 PM | Article By: Bekai Njie

A torrential rainfall on Sunday rendered a family in Kiang Jiffarong homeless after the entire compound was inundated with water.

The villagers blamed the flooding on poor road construction which was done without due regard to the drainage system.

Amadou Barrow, the victim and his family lost everything including feeding, agricultural seeds, clothings and other relevant materials they had due to the heavy downpour.

“The compound was flooded, and he lost valuable things including rice and some seeds belonging to his wife for farming,” Dawda Njie, a neighbour said. “When his house was inundated with water, he called and explained the situation to me and I went with some people but we couldn’t put the situation under control. We had to ask help from the entire village.”

According to Mr. Njie, Amadou’s condition is precarious and he and his family were in dire need of humanitarian assistance. He applauded the villagers for their swift response to the disaster, while urging the government, philanthropists, samaritans and NGOs to come to the aid of this flood-ridden family of Jiffarong.