Ex-Mile 2 prisoner reveals Manlafi Corr, others killed

Oct 28, 2020, 12:10 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Alieu Lowe, a relative to late Ndure Cham, yesterday testified before the TRRC and revealed that Manlafi Corr, Ebou Lowe, Alieu Ceesay, Alpha Bah and seven other people were killed at the state central prison (Mile 2) while he was being detained in the same prison.

Born in Badibou Ngayen Angalleh and now resident of Fajikunda, Lowe was allegedly involved in Ndure Cham's Coup d’état in 2006, which led to his detention at NIA Headquarters and subsequently at Mile 2 Prison.

Explaining his engagement with Ndure, he stated that Ndure at one night called to meet him in Gunjur because something had happened that he (Ndure) didn't understand.

"Upon my arrival with taxi I rented, he asked me to take him out because coup was about to happen. I took him to Brikama and went home and later by 2 a.m., he called and asked me to meet him in Farato, which I did and he asked me to listen to the conversation of his telephone if he called someone."

With that engagement with Ndure, he told the commission that he was arrested and detained for 3 days at NIA in a small cell. 

For feedings, he said they were given leftovers and were not allowed to bath, saying he was beaten seriously.

After three days, he added, he was taken to Mile 2 after 5 p.m. without being taken to court.

"Upon arrival at Mile 2, we were taken to former director's office, David Colley for record of our names and we were later handed over to a prisoner officer, who locked us in Security Wing. And later several soldiers were brought in." 

He said he was kept in the cell for the whole day apart from the few minutes given to them to take bath. He added that the food was very poor and not fit for human consumption.

After spending three weeks at Mile 2, he said he was taken back to NIA by the Black-Black Squad who tortured them at 3 a.m. and later brought them back to the prison. He said during the torture, many sustained injuries and others died. 

"The soldiers involved in the coup were taken to court and I was denied. I stayed at Mile 2 for 5 years without being charged or allowed to see my family members."

"I later secured the services of lawyer and I was brought a charge sheet that I should go to court. I was charged with treason for being involved in the 2006 attempted coup. I was taken to the High Court in Banjul and the judge was Enkiyank. I was convicted and sentence to 20 years imprisonment and the lawyer asked me to appeal to the judge, but I refused." 

He told the commission that during his stay at the prison, they allowed a visit once in a month. He added that he spent nine years and nine months in prison and later pardoned by former President Yahya Jammeh.

He said 16, 000 dalasis and mobile phone were taken by the NIA officers in his room during his arrest.

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