EU adopts temporary visa measure for Gambian citizens 

Oct 13, 2021, 1:00 PM

On 7 October 2021, the Member States of the European Union convened in the Justice and Home Affairs Council decided to adopt temporary restrictive measures on short-stay visas for visa applicants who are nationals of The Gambia, in line with the provisions of the EU Visa Code.

The decision is the result of a factual and objective assessment concluded by the European Commission in February 2021 of EU partner countries’ cooperation in the area of return and readmission of migrants who have no right to stay in the EU. On the basis of this assessment, the European Commission concluded in July 2021 that the level of cooperation with some countries, including The Gambia, is not sufficient and submitted a proposal for temporary visa measures 1

The EU, reaching the same conclusion, has now adopted the temporary visa measures as presented below.

The EU has, throughout the year, continued to engage with the authorities of The Gambia informing them of the process under the EU Visa Code, the EU’s expectations on improving cooperation on return and readmission, and the possible consequences in case cooperation did not improve. The overall positive relationship between the EU and The Gambia was taken into due consideration at all stages of the process.

“As in every partnership, the one between The Gambia and the EU warrants a commitment to responsibilities on both sides. It is our hope that the measures agreed today will foster and improve cooperation between the EU and The Gambia in the area of return and readmission. These are very important pillars of a comprehensive and tailor-made migration partnership with The Gambia”, says H.E. Corrado Pampaloni, Ambassador of the European Union to The Gambia.