Embassy staff pay tribute to Ambassador Fadera

Feb 28, 2022, 11:37 AM

We, the staff of the Embassy of The Gambia in Washington DC and our families accept the untimely transition of Ambassador Dawda Docka Fadera with total submission to the will of Allah, The Almighty.

To us, Ambassador Fadera was not only the Head of Mission, but a father figure to the Gambian community in America. He represented his country with passion and conviction and was a strong advocate who fiercely defended Gambia’s sovereignty and image on the international stage. His proficiency in international relations, his mastery of the intricacies of diplomacy coupled with his intellect and humility endeared him to fellow diplomats, government officials and legislators, all of whom valued his wise counsel and contributions to issues on bilateral, multilateral and indeed cooperation and coordination between African Embassies accredited to the United States of America. He was an eloquent voice in the diplomatic community and was held in high esteem for his commitment and dedication to the consolidation of understanding, mutual respect and meaningful cooperation between The Gambia and the United States.

As The Gambia’s representative to the United States of America, Canada and The Federative Republic of Brazil, Ambassador Fadera worked assiduously to unite his compatriots under the banner of traditional Gambian values of support and solidarity. Indeed, it is to his credit that Gambian Honorary Consuls were appointed in the United States and in Canada to serve Gambians and their interests. He regularly visited Gambian communities and made the Embassy an open house, where all Gambians came for consular, social and other types of assistance. He was quintessentially the Ambassador of the people.

To us his bereaved staff, the demise of Ambassador Fadera has left a void. We have lost an able, kind and magnanimous leader. A man who led us by example. He had knowledge and was a mentor to his staff. He had human resources skills which made him a good and effective manager of people and complex issues. But above all he was humane and humble, always discussing and taking into account the views and ideas of his staff. Ambassador Fadera ran the Embassy on the basis of consultation and consensus. He valued every staff member. No one was small. To him everyone was an important member of the family and he made sure everyone was comfortable in his or her position. The staff will miss him for his sterling leadership qualities. We will miss his calm and cool demeanor. We will miss his pastoral care and above all we will miss the respect and consideration he accorded us.

Ambassador Fadera came to Washington DC and served his country with distinction. He won many hearts and minds and his footprints will remain indelible in the diplomatic community in Washington DC and indeed at the Embassy. Considering his outstanding achievements, we the staff of the Embassy would therefore not mourn but celebrate the life of Ambassador Dawda Docka Fadera with gratitude to Allah, SWT. He has left behind a rich legacy of selfless service and dedication to his country and people. We send heartfelt condolences to his widow, Aja Mama, his children, the Fadera family, the Government and people of The Gambia for the irreparable loss of an illustrious son. May his soul rest in peace and may light perpetual shine on him.

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