Dec 30 Foundation remembers 2014 fallen soldiers as heroes

Jan 4, 2021, 11:39 AM | Article By: Adama Tine

The Gambians who were killed on 30 Dec. 2014 have been remembered by the foundation called Dec 30 Foundation, six years since the incident happened.

In December 2014, a group of Gambian citizens, realising that it would take a shake-up of the status quo in order to end abuse and tyranny in their beloved motherland, took it upon themselves to defend the dignity and honour of their people who were being killed, tortured, maimed, disappeared, raped, and abused by the Jammeh tyranny machinery.

Speaking to the Point on behalf of the foundation, Pa Babucarr Njie, a member of the foundation and coordinator of the event, said after years of participating in numerous civic efforts to stop Yahya Jammeh’s brutal tyranny, a group of soldiers came to a sobering realisation that only force would unclench the entrenched strangled hold Jammeh had on The Gambia.

“No longer able to bear witness to the long suffering of their people, these gallant heroes of that December found themselves compelled beyond caring for their own personal lives and livelihoods, risked everything to attempt a daring rescue of their nation and its citizenry from the clutches of brutality even though they knew the risks, yet they were driven by a cause greater than them,” he added.

According to Mr. Njie, in their effort to bring freedom to their people, three of these gallant sons of the land laid down their lives, their heavy gift, in an effort to secure freedom for every Gambian and future generations.

They were: Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Jagne, and Sergeant Alagie Jaja Nyass.

“Indeed they were proven right as it was only the threat of looming and eminent force from the ECOWAS Military Intervention in The Gambia (ECOMIG) that finally removed dictator Jammeh from power.”

Mr. Njie stressed that “we have all witnessed the irrefutable evidence that continues to emerge from the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) cataloguing the wanton brutality of the Jammeh regime over more than two decades. A regime that left in its wake untold victims, immense pain, and immeasurable suffering as many mothers lost their sons, sons lost their mothers, children lost their fathers, fathers lost their children, many wives lost their husbands, husbands lost their wives and an entire nation was held captive in an atmosphere of mass fear and silence.”

“This year marks the sixth year since the D30 Heroes gave all to their beloved Gambia. We implore all patriots to honour their memory by cherishing the peoples’ freedom that these gallant men watered with their blood.” 

“We pray for Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Jagne, and Sergeant Alagie Jaja Nyass, we pray for all victims of tyranny, and for the souls of all Gambians, and indeed all Africans who gave their lives for the freedom of their people.” he stated.

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