Mauritanian community bids farewell to outgoing ambassador

Jan 4, 2021, 11:43 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

The Mauritanian community in The Gambia on Friday held a farewell ceremony for the outgoing ambassador to The Gambia Dr. El-Hassan Ould Awan for his commitment and tremendous services he rendered for his country.

In a ceremony held at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul, Dr. El-Hassan thanked the government of The Gambia and President Adama Barrow for the warm hospitality he and his people had been offered. He said that showed the strengthened relationship between both countries. 

"I would like to thank each one of the Mauritanian community in The Gambia for their excellent behaviour they have been showing. I would also like to thank President Adama Barrow and the government of The Gambia for what they have done on the level. We are very grateful for the level of relationship between both countries."

He added that they have been filled with happiness on what President Barrow has done to the Mauritanian community, which helps to the relationship of both countries.

A member of Mauritanian Parliament, Hon. Ahmed El Maaly Menane, affirmed that His Excellency Dr. El-Hassan Ould Awan, is a hardworking man who built bridges and created way for all Mauritanians living in The Gambia. 

"We cannot over emphasise the strength of the ties that were established between us as a community and His Excellency Dr. El-Hassan Ould Awan, a brother and friend to all of us."

Throughout the exercise of his duties in his mandate, Hon. Ahmed stated that El-Hassan made the welfare of the Mauritanian community a top priority of his administration. He added that his hard work is reflected positively on all community members without exception.

He continued to explain that El-Hassan has shown a positive representation of Mauritania to The Gambia.  

Dr. Momodou Tangara, The Gambia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, also thanked the people of Mauritania for their hardworking and law abiding attitude.

He added that their stay in the country has always been peaceful.

"I have to thank the outgoing ambassador for his great services in the country because he had further strengthened the tie within the two countries during his stay. As he will be returning to his country, President Barrow has asked him to be an ambassador for The Gambia in his country."

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