Cham admits escorting 3 Ghanaians to police headquarters

Mar 5, 2021, 12:52 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DPS), Lamin Cham, yesterday testified before the TRRC, admitting that he escorted three Ghanaians: Robert Essien, Daniel Amankwa and Eric Yaw to police headquarters in Banjul.

Cham explained to the commission that he was working at the Major Crime Unit at the time of the incident. 

He added that he received a call from his Officer Commanding Molamin Ceesay, who told him there were people arrested and detained at the Navy headquarters in Banjul. 

"When I reached the Navy, I first interacted with Eric Yaw and took his statement at the police. I went back to the Navy and collected Robert Essien and Daniel Amankwa with Lamin Tunkara. They were both detained at the police headquarters in Banjul."

The witness continued that Lamin Tunkara informed him through a phone call in July that three plain clothed officers arrested him in his house and took plenty money from him. He added that was the last time he saw him (Tunkara), adding he was informed by some investigators that Lamin was killed.

"The government covered up because of the illegalities that happened to the migrants."

He said the diaries from Brusubi, Fatoto and Barra were hidden at the CMC office just to cover up the killings of the American brothers, Chief Ebrima Manneh and the West African migrants.

Dwelling on Eric's testimony, he said that he and colleagues were tortured at the police headquarters. Cham said he couldn't dispute Eric's testimony but he was surprised to hear such. 

He told the commission that the Ghanaians were not tortured during their stay at the police headquarters, instead affirming that maybe Eric was picked up at night by the NIA and electrocuted.

He said such torture machines didn't exist at the police headquarters.