Captain Oumar Touré breaks silence, calls for Interior minister, others’ resignation

Mar 9, 2021, 10:46 AM

Captain Oumar Touré has confirmed his resignation from the gendarmerie.  In a video, however, he calls for an end to the protests until Friday at 3 p.m., promising to participate as well as an end to the break-ups.  The latter, who claims to be in Touba, informs that he will ask the senior commander of the gendarmerie - from where he resigned - to send him an escort.  He also called for the resignation of the interior minister, the prosecutor and the justice minister.

Captain Touré's resignation letter from the colobane research section he was the one who auditioned Adji Sarr.

Below reads the excerpt of his resignation letter:

“I am just a captain of the Gendarmerie, who is obliged to speak at the risk of my life because impossible, no one is held.

Since the leak of the minutes concerning this investigation, I have been followed by individuals whose true motivation I do not know until I was taught that it was elements of the Senegalese National Intelligence Department. For a private matter I was pretty surprised by this measure.

I have thus taken my mail order hierarchy dated March 03, 2021 of my fears for my safety and that of my family.

Since then, no action has been taken and individuals continue their forfeiture by following all my travels, even listening to my communications and anticipating all my facts and actions which violates my constitutional rights. All because I'm wrongly suspected of being on the pay of an opponent whom I only met on the day when his first convocation was handed over, so doing my job in accordance with my chiefs orders.

It is true that I am subject to the right of reservation. However, when the state does not apply reciprocity by respecting its commitments to me, by endangering my life and that of my family, I have the right to expose and take Senegalese to witness. I want to inform the National and International Community that anything that happens to me or a member of my family will be the exclusive responsibility of the state of Senegal and the national gendarmerie that did nothing to stop the violation of my rights. Who doesn't say word, consent then I can't stay inert to anything that can happen to me in the coming days.”