Barrow urges citizens to be law abiding, peaceful

Nov 18, 2021, 12:00 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

President Adama Barrow on Tuesday addressed the people of Sarre Ngai in Wulli West and urged Gambians to be law abiding while branding himself as a “peaceful man.”

“I am a President of peace and that’s what I encourage you to do. Be law abiding and love your country,” he said.

Hamat Bah, also stated that the upcoming election will determine who would rule this country for the next five years and people should be mindful of their choice of leader. 

“Since President Barrow became the president, he committed himself in the services that leads to the development of this country. You all have to vote President Barrow because he is a good leader. He will never lie to you and he is a true Muslim. He is the only one that gave you rice, oil, and water.”

Abba Camara, a resident urged the president to help them with roads that links from the main highway to their village and empower the women. She also demanded for electricity and farming equipment for effective and efficient farming activities.

Boucar Fatty, APRC chairman in Sandu District, said agriculture is the best sector for the development aspiration of the country. 

“If we have tractors, and other farming equipment, we will really contribute to the productive sector of our economy.”

During the rallies held in Baja Kunda, Sarre Ngai and Kuwanku, militants from GDC, PDOIS and UDP switched allegiance to President Barrow’s NPP.