Barrow says he isn’t enemy with Jammeh

Nov 29, 2021, 1:17 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

President Adama Barrow on Saturday at a rally held in Fajikunda said that he and former President Yahya Jammeh are not enemies and called on him (Jammeh) to accept that he is no longer the president and should preach peace.

“I never want to talk about former President Jammeh on a platform but I want to clear something here. I am not an enemy with Jammeh, it was election that linked us and that has ended. We gave him respect because he was a president for 22 years. The country is owned by everyone and we appeal for Jammeh to speak about peace and do something that will contribute to the development of the country.”

President Barrow added that every Gambian should preach and promote peace, saying he wants the oppositions to know that after the election they are not enemies and should join efforts to develop the country. 

Maimuna Ceesay, NPP diaspora secretary, stated that Mamma Kandeh has been attacking the President in several ways but promised this will be his last chance in the country’s politics. 

“If he doesn’t stop his attacks on the president, we will face him. Kandeh and Jammeh had an agreement that when Kandeh wins the election, Jammeh will return in the country and people don’t want that. I want Fabakry Tombong Jatta and his executive to ignore Jammeh. No one in this country can bring Jammeh back without the approval of President Barrow.”

Hamat Bah, the minister of Tourism and Culture, said President Barrow said one of the best political decisions he ever made is to work with APRC,” adding “everyone knew that APRC owns Fajikunda and they formed the majority of the crowd. I will guarantee APRC that Barrow would fulfill his promises.”

He alleged that some people have already known that they cannot win the election and are now looking for plan two. He added that President Barrow will deal with anyone that wants to bring problem to this country. 

“Barrow will protect the peace and integrity of the country and anyone that wants to bring problem in the country will be dealt with according to the law.”

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