Barrow commended for “steadfastness”

May 10, 2022, 10:45 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Coastal Security and Coastal Enterprise has commended President Adama Barrow for his steadfastness in his deliberation during his meeting with religious leaders and Banjul Muslim Elders on 2nd March 2022.

According to Mr. Ceesay, the deliberation was one of the most powerful of President Barrow’s presidency, adding that he saw a man who has taken stock of the happenings in The Gambia.

He added that Barrow understands that the sovereignty of The Gambia resides in the hands of Gambian people and demonstrated that he is the king maker as far as the state of affairs of the country is concerned.

“He has shown that he is the chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat and the commander in chief of the Republic of The Gambia.”

Ceesay challenged Gambian people to support the ideas and philosophy of Barrow’s deliberation, but also advised him to bear in mind that words must be matched with deeds.

“What I saw during his deliberation made me believe and gave me confidence that Barrow will do everything to see a Gambia that we are all proud of and a Gambia he can leave a legacy for generations to remember him,” he also said.

President spoke about The Gambia’s civil service during his deliberation, and Ceesay said sometimes  he tends to wonder whether we have a functional civil service in terms of attitude of some people who think going to work is doing a favor for their employers.

“Civil servants are paid tax payers monies and must deliver,” he stated, noting that security reform also needs to be doubled up.

However, Ceesay said he would have been pleased to hear President Barrow talk about rampant road accidents in the country, saying “we need to look at the seriousness of accidents in our country.”

“The police must be resourced and empowered as well as given the right training and tools to deal with accidents in the country,” he said further.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction with comments made by President Barrow towards Madi Jobateh, saying as a president of the country, “you have limitations on what you can and cannot say.” Ceesay said the attack on Mr. Jobateh may be made out of frustration and not ill thought.