EU, int’l human rights bodies hail Gambia’s readiness to prosecute ex-dictator Jammeh  

May 27, 2022, 11:00 AM | Article By: Alhagie Mbye, The Point’s Europe Correspondent  

The European Union (EU) as well as the International human rights organisations across Europe and beyond have unanimously hailed Gambian government’s readiness to not only prosecute former “Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh for untold crimes against humanity… but also to see to it that all his collaborators be apprehended and indicted...”

Information forwarded to The Point following the recommendation by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for his prosecution, also described the keenness to prosecute Yahya Jammeh, as “pivotal”.

Similarly, it labelled the government’s willingness as “milestone and the only way forward in the face of unprecedented oppression, cruelty and tyranny…”  

In a separate statement forwarded to this correspondent, the EU, also noted strongly that “the government announced a robust, measurable roadmap for the implementation of the near entirety of the Commission’s recommendations…This is unprecedented in the history of Truth Commissions and welcomed by the EU”.                                       

The statement added: “There can be no impunity for human rights violations and crimes against humanity. The EU stands ready to support The Gambia in implementing the measures announced, including the establishment of a special judicial framework.” 

The EU, an important partner and key supporter of The Gambia both at local and international level, also confident that “The Gambia’s continued political commitment to the process will culminate in a resilient nation, reconciled communities and guarantees of non-recurrence.” 

Furthermore, Freedom House, well known of its independent research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights had noted earlier that the current administration “has taken steps to improve the judiciary, which was hampered by corruption and inefficiency under Yahya Jammeh”.  

Consequently, human rights bodies said that currently, there is a breakthrough for justice in favour of all the victims “regardless of their status in society”. It added that Yahya Jammeh’s brutal 22-year-rule to harm Gambians was “calculated, planned and premeditated”.  

Reed Brody, one of the lawyers for the International Commission of Jurists who also engaged many victims of Yahya Jammeh has publicly issued a statement and hailed the acceptance and described it as an important and meaningful step forward”.                                       

However, Brody, also stressed that now the “government will have to demonstrate with concrete actions to an increasingly skeptical public that it actually has the determination to bring the perpetrators to book…”  

Meanwhile, in another statement, this correspondent was informed that "another group of human rights lawyers are prepared to assist Gambian victims in order to extradite Yahya Jammeh from Equitorial Guinea where he is currently hiding in exile." 

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