‘Banjul oxygen has capacity to supply the entire country’

Jul 25, 2022, 10:43 AM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Kwamla Manly Elliott, the managing director of Banjul Oxygen, the country’s first oxygen company, refuted reports suggesting that his company doesn’t have the capacity to supply oxygen throughout the country, while describing such reports as ‘totally “false and malicious” with the intention to “blackmail” its customers.

In an exclusive interview with The Point recently, Mr. Elliott reassured of their continued commitment in ensuring that they achieve their objectives of supplying the much needed oxygen throughout the country especially to their customers.

“In fact, let's make this clear to you, the capacity that we have can supply the entire country and even beyond.”

“Therefore, suggesting that we don’t have the capacity to supply the entire country is inaccurate statement. Again, those that are peddling those claims have no evidence to prove that. We have been in the market for 35 years. We have been supplying the hospitals and all the industries for the past 35 years. There has never been any time when people complained of oxygen shortage in the country,” he posited.

With the exception of deadly covid-19 pandemic, he said, the company was able to meet the demands of its customers. “In fact, the reason we have small problems during the covid-19 period is that we didn’t have enough electricity from the country’s electricity giant (NAWEC). Besides, we even had to buy a generator and a new transmission line with the objectives of meeting the demands. These are indisputable facts because even NAWEC can confirm this.”

“Therefore, the suggestion that we can’t supply the entire country is not correct and it’s not true. As I told you earlier on, we have been supplying the entire country for the past 35 years. No one, especially our customers have complained of shortage of Oxygen as a result of anything. Our dynamic team is committed to fulfilling desired goals. We have enough capacity in the country and whoever wishes could come and challenge.”

“The plan we even have is too big for The Gambia. We are the biggest and the only company that can manufacture four different gases which are oxygen, nitrogen among others, thus the suggestion that we do not have enough capacity is totally misleading.”

“The demand of oxygen during the covid-19 was very high for all countries, even our neighbouring country Senegal. In fact, what the Senegal government did was to go around all the industries and promise to buy all their oxygen because they didn’t want it to go out of their country. Senegal did that but The Gambia never does that.”

“There is oxygen in the country. Our customers are not complaining. We have enough oxygen in the country. As we speak, we are also producing oxygen now. In fact, those claiming that we don’t have the capacity to supply enough oxygen are producing sub-standard quality from iron from scrap metals. Scrap metal means the end life of that metal. No one should be even allowed to use the country as a dumping ground,” he stated.

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