Africmed brands protesting staff “disgruntled”

Sep 11, 2020, 11:25 AM

The management of Africmed International has branded the protesting staff as “disgruntled”, saying the Clinic’s CEO has tried to meet the disgruntled individuals but they declined.

“The  CEO had personally  approached  the disgruntled individuals  and  asked  them to meet him in his  office on the  morning of  the  incident  when he  became aware of it, but they declined,” the hospital’s management said in a dispatch.

“The Head of Nursing similarly tried to engage   them without success. The management was baffled as to why Social media was involved; “what was the motive?” they queried.

Earlier this month, a total of 75 staff of Africmed International embarked on a sit-down strike, demanding the resignation of the clinic’s Human Resources manager, Modou Sise and, Sanju Kumar, the Finance manager.

During the protest, the angry staff stormed the premises of the clinic in Brusubi, expressing total disapproval of the top brass as they displayed placards with inscriptions. ‘Operation we can’t work with Sanju Kumar.’ ‘Sanju Must go and Modou Sise should also go.’ ‘Africmed Staff have decided.’ Risk allowances must be paid and Free and adequate supply of surgical face mask to all staff’ among a host of others.

The angry staff were also demanding the payment of 25% cut that was “forcefully” deducted from their August salaries and also the reinstatement of three staff of the clinic. They claimed that even the surgical face masks were sold to them at D40.

“The management of Africmed wishes to reach out to the general public to shed light on the recent protest of some staff demanding  the  resignation  of  some  members  of  the Management team etc. As everyone may be aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented challenge for healthcare systems worldwide.”

“Also,  Africmed  is  aware  of  the  growing  concern  regarding  individuals,  who  may  work  in jobs  predisposing  them  to  COVID-19  infection  which  may  lead  to  significant  financial consequences in the event of illness. Our staff are no exceptions to this increased risk and for this reason, Africmed management has been working hard to maximize available resources.”

“As  such,  the  management  met  to  strategise and  developed  a  plan  to  ensure  continued operations  of the  facility  while  upholding  to  maintain  consistent  supply  of  protective equipment for staff as well as other supplies to facilitate implementation of other COVID-19   prevention   measures   and   guidelines.”

Africmed added that it’s fully aware of the financial implications on the company to maintain all the staff despite current reduced workload.

“In its quest to show compassion to staff during these trying times and financial challenges for  individuals  as  well  as  business  entities  including Africmed,  the  management  did  its best  to  avoid  laying  off  staff  even  though  there  were  some  whose  contracts  were  due  to expire or have expired.”

“Mainly for this reason, the management made a collective decision to temporarily cut all staff salaries including the management by 25% for the next five (5) months (August to December 2020) and made the commitment to start to repay the 25% cut in January of 2021.”

“After this collective decision was made, a memo to this effect was written and given to all staff soliciting their support, understanding and acceptance. The deductions were effected on the August salaries as stated above and this sparked anger among some staff members.”

“When management became aware of the aggressive reaction to this decision amongst some staff, message was communicated to all staff that the 25% that was deducted can be collected from the finance office with immediate effect. However, the disgruntled staff continued to mobilise and staged protest to make demands not related or relevant to the 25% cut.”

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