AFRICELL CEO, Diab-Ghanem visits Cathedral

Aug 4, 2022, 11:56 AM

Press release

The Chief Executive Officer of Gambia's Telecommunications giant, Africell, accompanied by his Community Liason, Waka Jagne, last week paid a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Banjul.

The visit is a follow up to a request made by Waaw Kertien La during its sponsorship contract negotiations last July. Thereat, Waaw Kertien La requested for Africell 's assistance towards the renovation of the Cathedral.                    

CEO Diab-Ghanem and Waka Jagne, the catalyst, were received by the Parish Administrator Fr. Antoine Sambou, the Church Warden Mr. Taflanda Roberts and Mrs. Angela Blain of the Parish Council.                              

Christian Panorama was represented by Fr. Bruno Toupan and its Country Director, Hannah Kippy Coker.

The site visit gave Mr. Diab-Ghanem first hand information on the enormous work that needs to be done.

Speaking at the end of the site visit, the charismatic CEO praised the Diocese for the upkeep of what he called "a historic sanctuary of great significance," citing he came to church when he was young. He also emphasized the need to promote religious tolerance and coexistence to which Africell is very committed.                                

He tasked the Parish Council to come up with an inventory on the most urgent and immediate "need to fix" and they will get started. He also said Africell will be partners and will assist with the long term goals with emphasis that they will do their part.                              

The CEO also heaped praises on Team Waaw Kertien La for the work they do in promoting the Africell brand. He also confirmed the MEGA Carol's event, the first of its type that Africell will sponsor in December.                

On behalf of the Parish of the Cathedral, the Chair of the Parish Council conveyed gratitude for the visit and thanked Africell for what she called a timely intervention. The Parish Administrator, Fr. Antoine Sambou on behalf his Bishop, His Lordship Dr. Gabriel Mendy Cssp, conveyed profound gratitude to the Africell Boss.