6 new covid-19 deaths registered

Aug 20, 2021, 2:47 PM

The Gambia has registered six new covid-19 related deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 277, according to the 356th national situation report since the confirmation of the first case of the coronavirus disease in The Gambia, on the 16th March 2020

“Six (5+1 posthumous) new COVID-19-related deaths registered, bringing the total to 277

(crude case-fatality ratio, 3%),” the Health Ministry states in its report.

“The decedents’ age range from 40- 96 year (4 males and 1 females). Five (5) had severe COVID-19 pneumonia and admitted in the COVID 19 treatment centres; two had diabetes mellitus as a comorbidity.”

A total of 123 new cases (39, 49 & 35 cases on 13th, 14th & 15th respectively) have been reported.

“No new contacts were traced and monitored. As of 14th August 2021, 128,110 and 4,283 people received their single dose of Johnson & 

Johnson’s Janssen and 1st dose of Sinopharm vaccine respectively of the total national target population (≥ 18 years) been vaccinated: 8.9% are fully vaccinated (received two doses of AZ or 1 dose of J&J) 10.2% received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose (AZ or J&J or Sinopharm).”

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