500 protesters arrested in Senegal

Jun 6, 2023, 11:35 AM

Police Commissioner Ibrahim Diop of Senegal has given a breakdown of the three days protest in which 500 people were arrested including teenagers, foreigners with sophisticated weapons, arms and ammunitions, cutlasses and dangerous materials.

At least 357 were wounded with 78 classified serious and 16 deaths. It has also been reported that the banks have been temporarily closed.

Protesters were smashing and burning cars and public buses.

They were looting goods, attacking banks, supermarkets and shops, burning properties.

Universities and schools vandalised and are closed until further notice.

The public transport bus Dakar Dem Dik lost 357million CFA damages amounting to D37.5M and total lost to Senegalese government in a 3-day riot, costing over 1.2 billion CFA.

Among the detainees include bandits and thieves since the beginning of the incident.