Surge in covid-19 cases at Ndemban clinic 

Aug 9, 2021, 12:14 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Doctor Warns Cases Might Increase

A doctor at Ndemban Clinic has affirmed the surge of covid-19 cases at the clinic, while claiming that the recent increase of coronavirus cases in the country is a result of the Tobaski celebration.

Dr. Ya Fatou B. Jobe, who spoke to QTV recently, said: “The surges of Covid-19 cases we are experiencing right now are beyond anyone's imagination. The past few weeks have been quite tedious and very hectic. We have patients that are coming into full capacity to whom most of them need oxygen and among others. Some of the patients are critically ill and those patients need a lot of attention to be given to them.”

“In fact, we have a lot of patients who are Covid-19 positive and need admission and are in the community. Some are in hospitals in the communities because this place is full to capacity.”

“You have seen some patients that are in critical condition. They are between life and death. We foresee that in the next few weeks things will be worst because we are just from the Tobaski. We have tried our best in the past few weeks to save as much life as possible, but we lost a lot of patients in the past few weeks as well.”

She further added: “We are here 24 hours and nurses and doctors are working 24 hours to make sure that everybody gets what they need. Some will tell you that I haven’t seen anybody that has the virus, but I can tell you that the virus exists. Covid-19 exists, thus we should take our precaution right and stay away from gatherings.”

“We have to wear our masks and wash our hands and make sure that we stay at home as much as possible. We should only go out when it’s necessary, like going to work.”   

Babucarr Sey, a reporter of QTV, who recently visited the clinic and did a report about the condition of patients said: “After a round of the wards, we saw more than 60 patients admitted with most of them with critical conditions. Staffs in the clinic are working round the clock to save lives, but from what we observed, they will need more capacity and resources and perhaps another hospital to support them in admitting covid-19 patients.”

“Case numbers are increasing rapidly and according to doctors we found here, this may be due to the recently celebrated Tobaski. The hospital management gives us rare access to the wards where patients are admitted in order to prove to us how bad the situation has become.”

“A lot of oxygen cylinders are empty and some patients are using two cylinders at a time in order to breathe properly. The hospital's only oxygen cylinders operator who we met told us that he has not been around for the past three days and changing bottles and has not been able to go home nor has he been able to take shower.”