Protecting our fauna and flora!

Jul 3, 2024, 11:30 AM | Article By: EDITORIAL

It is a fact that the rate at which the country’s flora, fauna and biodiversity is declining mainly due to anthropogenic activities is a cause of concern. The country used to boast of forest reserves in almost every region of the country. But it is disheartening to note that most of these forests that used to host our flora and fauna population are fast losing their past glory.

Experts warn that 96 per cent of the world’s total remaining mammalian biomass — the combined weight, or mass, of mammal organic life — consists of either humans or our domesticated animals. However, on a daily basis conservation organisations, community members, conservation scientists and law enforcement authorities work tirelessly to counter this biodiversity decline. Some of these actions can take the form of community-based patrols or enforcing regulations, such as in the case of preventing illegal harvest or patrolling efforts to deter or arrest poachers.

It is in the news that the West Africa Birds Study Association (WABSA) and the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (DPWM) have raised an alarm over the rising alternative use of vulture parts as traditional medicine.

This concern was raised at a day’s forum held at Badala Park Hotel in Kotu.

It is a fact that in many African communities, there is a widespread belief that vulture parts serve as a good curative and alternative healing of waist pain, among a host of other healing powers.

This widely held belief is still firmly grounded in some African communities, thus minimising the rapid decline of the vulture population, particularly the hooded vultures.

To this end, we commend WABSA and the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (DPWM) for bringing this issue to the fore. There is this popular saying that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

We hope that authorities will take heed and put in place a firm stance to curb this growing menace. Until then, this growing threat will significantly reduce wildlife species for their individual gains.

We all need to protect and preserve our biodiversity. Around the globe, countries are making gains with regards to preserving their biodiversity for gainful ventures.

With our rich biodiversity, the government can also do the same.

Also, there is a need for mass sensitisation of local communities on the importance of vultures and together devise mechanisms to protect their population. Vultures, experts believe provide critically important ecosystem service by cleaning up the carcasses and other organic waste in the environment. This some added, help in reducing the spread of dangerous diseases.