Good Morning Mr. President: Congratulations

Nov 9, 2020, 11:48 AM

Mr. President, congratulations on your party’s win in the two by-elections in Niamina West (Parliamentary Election) and Kerr Jarga (Area Council), a big boost for your party.

This was a trial for your party which was formed 11 months ago. Now you will be able to analyse the political trend. However, winning the two elections should not deter you from working harder to perform better in the Presidential election scheduled to take place in 2021. 

The win is also a wake-up call for the opposition to reorganise themselves and not to underestimate you as a novice in the political game. Democracy has triumphed for the country 


Mr. President, in your recent interview with Eye Africa, you gave a hint for a possible alliance with APRC – something that many people have been speculating.


Mr. President you were elected for a regime change to bring back democracy, rule of law, respect of human rights which were lacking during 22 years of ex-president Yahya Jammeh's regime. With the confirmation of the Janneh Commission and TRRC, APRC's government involvement in mismanagement of government's funds, abuse of human rights, killing, abduction, torturing and arbitrary incarceration of people and all the sufferings Gambians went through, forming an alliance with APRC would be a big mistake.

Gambians were yearning for regime change to bring peace and democracy; this was among the reasons why you were elected.

Mr. President, how would you explain this ambition to those who voted for you.

When the Janneh Commission recommended sales Of Jammeh’s 300 properties, several luxury cars livestock etc. started, the Ministry of Justice ordered halt of the sales without giving any reason. The ‘junglers’ who were detained for two years admitted their acts of killing innocent people through the orders of Ex-president Jammeh are now freed without facing any Justice.

Mr. President, the interest of the nation should come first rather than your personal gain before executing certain decisions.

Informed sources told this medium that the alliance can happen if the proposals of APRC will go through and Jammeh’s assets are given back to him, he gets amnesty and returns to the country as a private citizen and some other members of APRC are appointed to cabinet and high government positions.

Mr. President, your re-election will depend greatly on your performances and whether you have fulfilled the promises made in 2016 presidential elections and not an alliance with a political party.

Finally Mr. President, with the COVID-19 pandemic in our midst, the majority of people are relaxing now and not using the face masks or observing social/physical distancing.

The schools and some private institutions made it mandatory to wear face masks. People should be educated through the media that the pandemic is still with us. We have seen examples of Europe and the US where the second wave of the pandemic is surfacing and killing more people. More sentisation should be done for the effect of the COVID-19 which has already killed more than 1.25 million people in the world with 49.5 million affected.


Good day!

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