Peace is key in development of any community!

Apr 15, 2021, 10:40 AM

Ensuring peace and justice are critical elements in the advancement of any community or nation.

Many scholars argued that the culture of peace begins with each one of us – unless we are ready to integrate peace and non-violence as part of our daily existence, we cannot expect our communities, our nations, our planet to be peaceful. We should be prepared and confident in resolving the challenges of our lives in a non-aggressive manner. In today’s world, more so, the humanity’s creed should be based on inner oneness and outer diversity.

Therefore, the recent daylong peace, justice and reconciliation Bantaba held at Kundam Mafatty in Tumana District of Upper River Region is not only ‘crucial but timely’.

It was convened by Beakanyang, a civil society organisation through its ‘Badinbun’ (family dialogue) initiative.

People have to realised that nobody will come from outside to develop or advocate for peace for us in the country. The initiative has to start with us. Irrespective of our tribe, political differences and conflict, we have realised that we destined to live and share one country and that is fundamental.

Yes, a lot of right violations were committed during the past regime. We should not our emotions overcome us.  We have to learn to forgive and reconcile.

And we should always put in minds that peace at any where starts with oneself. Let us not allow behaviour of others (who are actually an expression of our greater whole) destroy ‘our inner peace’. For those who wish to help bring greater peace to communities, it’s important to stay balanced, mindful, calmed and grounded.

Sometimes, we use this popular word - Let there be peace on Earth. But hardly do we jump to a conclusion to state ‘let it begin with me’. We can't control the horrible things occurring in society, but we can give more thought to encouraging peace and civility in our own communities.

So let’s nurture and promote peace wherever it is found, so as to contribute to ensuring lasting peace in the world.

"No Meaningful Development can take place in the absence of peaceandstability."

Cilsy Baba

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