Our Youth and Gambling!

Feb 25, 2022, 10:52 AM

Youths are the core and backbone of any productive society. Therefore, nurturing and motivating our country’s youth folk to play a lead role in national development is vital.

The government owes it to the youth to put in place projects and initiatives that would empower the country’s youth.

However, going through the street corners, one would be amazed about the plight of youths; who throng ghettos throughout the whole day.

This brings to mind the recent surge in the number of gambling and betting chaos in major settlements across the country.

Renowned scholars always preached that gambling and betting in whichever way is against Islamic teachings. And many other major faiths also strictly forbid it.

This practice is becoming a fast-rising enterprise for many youth in the country. There is no big settlement within the Greater Banjul Area or West Coast Region without a gambling or betting chaos. This has even forced many youngsters to adopt ‘lackadaisical attitude’ by loitering around and doing nothing productive.

This care free attitude is not only worrying, but leaves much to be desired.

The trend, if not urgently tackled, will soon make The Gambia the gambling capital of West Africa.

The sporting game has already generated much attention and the authorities are doing little to stop it.

In as much as democracy guarantees the rights of every person in the country, we should always advocate and promote positive social values to maintain our integrity. We all have a duty to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens.

Gambling is also a major contributor to crime rate in any country. The government is fully aware of the disadvantages of this sporting game when issuing licences to these business operators.

But is the plight of youth factored or taken into account when issuing a license? Do we want lazy youths to assume leadership positions in the future? No!

The sporting game has the tendency to render many youths lazy, especially those who are addicted to it. The precious time spent by youth in these casinos could have been better utilised in something gainful and more rewarding.

It is high time we nurtured and built a brighter future for the country’s youth. This venture is not only unethical but against Islam. Its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s encourage and motivate our future leaders.

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