Violent Crime and New Gambia!

Apr 16, 2021, 11:09 AM

Since the start of the year, the number of reported murder cases has raised concern among many Gambians.

This rapid rise in crime rate has even stir-up debate in some quarters with some calling the need for the government to introduce drastic measures to deal with the criminals.

The recent violent crimes in the country remain an urgent public concern. Hardly, a week passes now without hearing disturbing reports about crime-related incidence.

But what are authorities doing to halt these unbecoming violent behaviours in the country? It is high time authorities put in place mechanism to respond to rise in violent crimes in the country.

Yesterday, we ran an article in which the police in the North Bank Region have launched massive manhunt for the arrest of one Musa Faal, a Senegalese, who was alleged to have stabbed one Cheikh Gueye to death.

The incident was said to have occurred at Kerr Ali village, a border village between The Gambia and Senegal.

However, the news comes on the heels of similar numerous violent crimes involving even stabbings. Recently, violence erupted in Sanyang as natives clashed with the police over the death of a colleague, who was said to have been stabbed by a Senegalese national in the community.

What is even scary is that these constant violent crimes have raised eyebrows as to the security of citizens. Police should place high premium on community policing and night patrol teams. This in the past has proven to be effective tools in curbing crimes rate in neighbourhoods during the past regime.

And we are confident that with the much-needed support they will be able to monitor and ensure crime free-Gambia.

We are not trying to draw comparisons, but Anti-Crime Unit personnel used to be very successful in their operations. In those days, in a days or week, Anti Crime Unit would convene a press briefing to inform the public about the number of arrest made and some of successful breakthroughs.

This makes many to quickly fall in love with operations and style of approach.

However, the coming into force of a new unit similar to that of anti-crime operations dubbed - Operation Zero Crime should do more to earn public confident. Even though, they were successful in their last operations, but more need to be done.

In fact Anti-Crime Unit and this newly established unit could be amalgamated as one unit rather than having different units.

Because, having too many units that have similar operations and ToR is just a waste of resources. As they often tend to undermine each other’s work just to appear in the good books of authorities. So let’s motivate, empower and equip this patrol team to be able to do their work effectively. Let’s combine efforts and together we can make Gambia a crime free nation.

"Punishment is not for revenge, but lessen crime and reform the criminal."

Elizabeth Fry