On police sacking of two staff for sleeping while on duty!

Dec 11, 2020, 9:58 AM

Values such as patriotism, commitment, hard work, and so on, are fundamental elements in any nation’s development. They are echoed for a purpose, and the ultimate aim is national development.

A former United States politician turned statesman, John F. Kennedy once stated that ‘ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. 

Our men in uniform should at all time have passion for work. That, also reminds us of their attitude to work, which forms a critical component in that regard. Attitude represents the beliefs, assessed feelings and behavioural intentions toward people, events or different objects. It refers to judgments and involves conscious logical reasoning.

News have emerged that The Gambia Police Force has discharged two police officers, who they say, were found sleeping while on duty during a recent armed robbery at the AU Villa in Brufut.

The news is not only devastating, but leaves much to be desired as to the security of our nation. One important role of The Gambia Police Force is to protect lives and properties in the country. Now if people tasked with the responsibility of securing and protecting lives and properties are found sleeping while duty, what will become of ordinary citizens and their properties.

The news comes amid reports of frequent armed robberies within the Greater Banjul Area. It is high time our men in uniform especially those on guard duties, to do away with laizzaire faire attitude.

The security of the Gambia is paramount and should be everybody’s business. We should also bear in mind that nation building calls for collective effort. Being patriotic to the nation simply means being patriotic to oneself. It is a well-known principle within development discourse that for progress to be achieved by any society, the people have to be the driving force behind it.

However, we must also commend the Gambia Police Force especially its Anti Crime Unit for significant gains made in the recent past in the arrest and recovery of many stolen items within the Kanifing municipality and even in West Coast.

To the government of The Gambia and police high command; let’s ensure better working conditions for our gallant men in uniform. Most of this lazzaire faire attitude by our men in uniform is a result of lack of motivation.

It is fact that poor attitude to work always result in negative impact on productivity level of any institution.  Nevertheless, an organisation or institution cannot prosper well, succeed, grow or even survive without adequately addressing the issue of poor attitude to work.