Let’s stop the vandalism!

Mar 22, 2022, 11:37 AM

The Gambia Telecommunications Company has issued a stern warning to the public especially those hell-bent on the nefarious and ‘ungodly acts’ of destroying national assets. Once again, criminal syndicates have not relented on their ungodly act.

Time to time again people observe constant interruption or disruption in network connection, which is not doing goods to our economy. Gambia like other countries relied heavily on business, thanks to the amount of foreign exchange that is being ploughed back into state coffers. 

GAMTEL's fibre optic cables or nerve centre if you would call it, have come under constant attack by selfish people, who are adamant despite several warnings, destroying properties that belong to all for their selfish gains.

For the benefit of those who don’t know what these gadgets are. Fibre optic cable eases communication and the transmission of information. Therefore, this is indispensable in our daily lives, especially in the business world.  It is considered one of the most secure means of communication.

This comes at a time when authorities are working to ensure improvement in the country’s communication industry to be at per with the developed world, while others are dragging us backwards. This can only be done when the country expands its fibre optic cables to ensure those in the rural areas have communication at a high speed.

GAMTEL spends a colossal amount of money in maintenance costs and significant loss of productivity for the Company. 

People, especially those involved in this ungodly act should reason that GAMTEL belongs to all.

When the country’s telecommunication is faced with constant disruption or interruption network services would deter businessmen, especially those involved in big business to operate in the country. In turn this will not tell well economically.

Every country wants to grow business wise. But that can only be realised if we see the country first and by working together.

We must always keep in mind that no one will come from outside to develop this country for us. And development is gradual. This is a reminder of a popular adage. Rome was not built in a day and Rome was built by none but the Romans.

Those engaging in the act of vandalising fibre optic cables are warned to desist from this act and any person found wanting shall face the full force of law. 

Let’s stop the sabotage!

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