Let’s all work for peaceful elections!

Nov 23, 2021, 11:24 AM

On December 4th Gambian will go to the polls to elect their new leader. The clock is ticking fast.

At the moment, many presidential aspirants are busy touring various communities in the country-side in their last minute-ditch to win the hearts and minds of the electorate.

This election is important, as it is the first since the ouster of former Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh, who is now in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Meanwhile, in this new democratic dispensation, the country is faced with numerous challenges. From hike in the price of basic food commodities, to skyrocketing prices of even non food items, which is alarming.

Another worrying issue is the rise in tribal sentiments, something that is tearing the country apart. Tribal rhetoric is a threat to any thriving democracy. And in this election, we’ve seen how political leaders are campaigning for all to do away with tribal politics.

The recent spate of attack against one ethnicity and another in The Gambia is becoming a cause of concern. The messaging app –Whatsapp is becoming a tool to easily put across this ugly message. People should be very careful with social media platforms that are now easily accessible by all.

Gambians under the first republic knew no tribe, all they know and see is ‘One Gambia’.

The present generation should be told the truth. The country’s founding fathers ensure that there is political tolerance and the presentation generation can take a cue from that. Together we can make the Gambia a shining example among the community of nations.

Politics based on tribe can’t take us anywhere. In order to develop as a progressive nation, citizens must put aside their tribal differences.

What politicians and all who want to assume leadership should know is that Gambia is a country with its citizenry cutting across all corners. This is based on the fact that due to harmonious coexistence and in the process inter-marry.

We inter-marry, schooled-together, raise and conduct all our businesses and affairs in the spirit of one nation, one people, with one destiny. This, many believe, is the hallmark which has characterised our beloved country over the years.

Importantly, The Gambia has been widely credited for its openness and tolerance. It is only under a climate of tranquility, tolerance and rule of law that a peaceful Presidential election can be conducted.

The Gambia is a country of peace and moral values and if these attacks against tribes are not put to a halt, they could have the tendency to escalate into something else.

“  Leadership is not about the next 

election, it’s about the next generation.”

Simon Sinek