Good Morning Mr. President: No. of presidential candidates should be minimised, ex-president Yahya Jammeh should be monitored

Nov 1, 2021, 1:03 PM

Mr. President, the nominations of Presidential aspirants started Saturday 30 October. This runs till 5th November.

There are 25 aspirants as one of them has withdrawn.
For the first time in the history of The Gambia, we have such a high number of presidential aspirants.
People are confused about the figure. The best solution is to review the electoral laws to minimise candidates. For example, a candidate must have 20,000 voters’ signatures, deposit half a million dalasis as before and fulfill other criteria of the IEC.

Mr. President, for IEC to spend D2 million for each candidate just to allocate drum boxes and marbles and pictures is too much.
The government is facing financial constraints to subsidise IEC.
Many aspirants are not known to the public; they don't have a political base.
They seized the opportunity to profile themselves to get top jobs, financial deals to split the votes.

Mr. President, the media houses are facing big challenges in terms of finance and personnel to cover the campaign of 24 candidates, if it is confirmed on November 6th.
The electoral law should be amended; the biggest countries who have nurtured democracy have not up to four political parties, which is why Gambia is allowing more than 20 candidates.

Finally Mr. President, we commend your government for protesting strongly against the ex-president to President Theodore Obiang of Equitorial Guinea. Jammeh's inflammatory remarks are designed to sabotage the Presidential elections scheduled for December 4th and to destabilise the country.
Intelligence sources say he is contacting the Russians with a company called Wagner to recruit mercenaries.
Currently 1000 Russian mercenaries have been recruited by the Malian government to fight the Jihadists, 500 are also in Central Africa to protect the Government against their rebels.
Jammeh has not respected the terms and conditions
of his political asylum.
According to informed sources, Jammeh has parted
with 12 of his Gambian security personnel and cut their 5000 US Dollars monthly allowances that the government of Equatorial Guinea was giving them. He is receiving it on their behalf plus his monthly allowance of 100,000 US Dollars. His wife Zeinab left him last year. She is in Morocco.
The Gambia Government should request his extradition and try him for economic crimes and murder.
The security should be alerted and be present at all our borders.
Jammeh should not be underrated; he is hungry for power.
Let's pray for a peaceful election and for people to vote for the candidate of their choice.
Good day!

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