GOOD MORNING  PRESIDENT: Election count down

Nov 22, 2021, 11:24 AM

Mr President in 10 days time, you and the other five presidential candidates will wrap up the campaign which started 9 November 2021.

All of you should keep your promises if elected in December with keen competitions.

With a simple majority one candidate will emerge winner but none of you should be over confident.

All of you should work harder for the rest of the campaign to get more votes.

Hate speech and war of words will kill our democracy.

Mr. President, voters want to know your programmes if re-elected especially in solving their basic needs such as health, good roads, electricity and water, education and most importantly reduction of basic food commodities among others.

Your government must make efforts to fight the misuse of social media by posting fake news and insulting people .

Your government should promote and uphold good governance and rule of law and establish a commission against corruption.

Mr. President, both IEC and the police should work to introduce tough measures for those who will be in the social media giving false results of the presidential election which can bring chaos in the country.

We should always continue to pray for a peaceful election and the loser to accept defeat in good faith and we move on.

Mr. President, whoever wins should put many women in more decision making positions because they represent 57% of the electorate.

Candidates should lobby for more votes in West Coast which registered more than 360,825 votes and KMC which is the second populated in the electoral system with 187,632.

Those two regions determine the winner and the one who polls more votes can be elected.

Candidates should also convince the youth who are 62% of the population.

More jobs should be created and illegal migration tackled.

The youth will play a key role for victory.

Finally, Mr. President, the health sector should be given top priority by giving health workers enough supply of drugs and equipment in the hospitals.

We commend Trust Bank for their support in the health and education sectors for the past 18 years.

Last week through their MD Njilan Senghore, the Bank did significant contribution to various hospitals in the country namely: Tanka Tanka

Farafenni, Basse, Bansang, Bwiam and Banjul EFSTH respectively.

The private sector should follow the good example of Trust Bank to assist the health sector, because government alone cannot do all.

Good day!

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