Good Morning Mr. President: Transport and COVID

Aug 17, 2021, 11:30 AM

Mr. President, there is a great need to improve the transport sector and boost​ the market of The Gambia Transport Service Cooperation (GTSC), by having​​  joint ventures with the Turks and Spanish to get new buses and repair main feeder roads.

Currently the majority of people suffer daily because they cannot afford to pay three fares for one journey and most of them are workers, students and vendors. They mostly go late to their various places.
Mr. President, the ​public is complaining bitterly and the police should step in and help put an end to this malaise and also for the police to make sure the traffic always flows with ease.
The taxi drivers are charging exorbitant fares to passengers which are not normal.​
It will be good for GTSC to introduce services in urban areas from Banjul, KMC and the West Coast Region to solve the problem. Transportation should be affordable and easily accessible.

Mr. President, when you are supposed to use the traffic, people are always affected because the police close the roads for a long time, and there maybe​ people who have appointments, going to hospitals, going or closed from work. This problem should be addressed.

Mr. President, because of the absence of price control,​traders continue to increase the price of the​commodities without justification.​

This also affects the daily life of the population. The Ministry of Trade and Interior should meet to address the problem.

Mr. President COVID-19​ seems to be here to stay. We should continue to pray to God to protect us from the pandemic and we must have Plan B, as life must go on.
This year is election year with the political meetings, health authorities, politicians, IEC officials and the police should meet for a strategy plan to minimise the crowd and ensure social distancing and the compulsory use of masks
is applicable in every gathering.

Finally Mr. President, many people are still reluctant to be vaccinated or obey WHO rules – causing the pandemic to increase in number and also the death toll. Politicians, religious leaders, opinion leaders, Civil Society Organisations and the media should continue to educate the population on the importance of taking the vaccine.

Good day!

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