Good Morning Mr. President: Together we shall fight Covid-19 

Aug 10, 2020, 12:00 PM

Mr. President, so far the Covid-19 statistics indicate The Gambia has reached 1,090 cases; 19 deaths and 146 recoveries compared with other neighbouring countries in West Africa.

However, we must not relent in our efforts in trying to stem the spread of the virus and eradicate it totally from our country. 

The new measures taken by your government by proclaiming another state of public emergency, introduction of curfew and compulsory wearing of face mask, with defaulters to pay D1000 and curfew breakers paying D5000 is long overdue.

Mr. President, it is very important that some public places like government departments, parastatals, banks, foreign exchange bureaus, media houses, and supermarkets and markets are frequently fumigated.

We hope that within these 21 days of public state of emergency with the curfew would help in the reduction of infections in the country.

Mr. President, on 8 August 2020, the frontline workers wrote to you, outlining certain demands amongst which include adequate accommodations and their daily allowances of D750, protection of their health because since the pandemic started March 17 2020, about 100 frontline workers have been contaminated with the virus, one died and several of them resigned because of family pressure or lack of incentives on the job. 

Now they have given you a deadline till 15 August 2020, beyond that date, they will take action. It's time that you negotiate with them and reach an agreement to avoid further actions which will not be in the interest of the populace.

Mr. President, we also want to appeal to the healthcare workers to take it easy as we understand their frustration which is a worldwide issue in the wake of the coronavirus. 

Health workers should know that this is a very difficult time and the populace need them now more than ever. They are not sacrificing for the government but the population. May God reward them for their good job.

Mr. President, the health situation in the country should be your No. 1 priority for now. There are a lot of problems going on in the health sector that need to be addressed soonest. It is very difficult for patients to be hospitalised in both private and public hospitals and more oxygen and medicines are needed.

There is also a scarcity of medicines as people are queuing in pharmacies to buy medicines recommended to them.

Mr. President, the country needs more medical personnel and medicines from friendly countries like China ,Cuba and Turkey to help solve the crisis; and all medical assistance from abroad should be given directly to the Ministry of Health.

There are a lot of complaints from people that Medical assistance is given to foundations instead of the Ministry of Health which is unacceptable especially at this time that the Ministry of Health is in need of equipment and medication.

Mr. President, we appeal to philanthropists, donors overseas and at home to assist the health workers and send all their assistance to the Ministry of Health and not to politicise the Covid-19.

Finally Mr. President, the security personnel should be commended for a job well done so far in making sure that people respect the curfew and wear their masks. 

The population should also be commended for respecting the curfew and other preventive measures and we appeal for continuity.

Let’s continue the momentum. 

Together we shall fight Covid-19.

Good day! 


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