Good Morning Mr. President: On NA election, war in Ukraine, cost of living & Brikama Market

Mar 8, 2022, 11:54 AM

Mr. President, the National Assembly (NA) elections is scheduled for 9 April 2022, and nominations started over the weekend of March 5 to 13, 2022, with different political parties and independent candidates.

Campaigns start on 17 March and ends on 7 April. With New Gambia under your leadership, democracy has flourished but many people still abuse it by giving fake news through the social media, using abusive languages during campaigns and making serious allegations without proof.

Politic is not meant to castigate and divide people. Politicians should have programmes and sell them as agenda to their electorates and keep their promises. Politicians are servants of the public, so they must have good public relations, respect and love each other.

Mr. President, we should not allow politics to divide us and become enemies. We will miss Hon. Halifa Sallah, a prominent politician, who is now set for retirement from active politics. He was and still remains a role model. He contributed a lot to our democratic processes. The Government therefore should name a street or school after him as he deserves it.

Mr. President, in The Gambia, people who contribute immensely towards the development of nation are not honoured during their lives which is not gratifying. We should celebrate our people when they are alive.

Mr. President, Government should take measures to control the social media that many people are using to spread fake news or cause instability. The Government should also consider to conduct both presidential and parliamentary elections on the same day to minimise cost.

In the First Republic, the two were held on the same day. For example, in last year's presidential elections, IEC spent 12 million dalasis.

Mr. President, last Thursday, the Ukrainian ambassador in Dakar Yuri Pyvovarox was summoned by the Senegalese Foreign Minister, Mrs Aissata Tall Sall for recruiting mercenaries in connection to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to authorities, the ambassador on his Facebook page, was inviting Senegalese youth to serve as mercenaries in the ongoing conflict. At least 36 have already registered.

We therefore call on Gambian authorities and security personnel to be on high alert and not to allow the Ukrainian authorities recruit our country’s youth to fight as mercenaries in the ongoing conflict.

Finally Mr. President, please include the building of a new stadium and construction of a market in Brikama, the capital of the West Coast Region in your five year programme. This will also boost your political career since they have the deciding votes. Nowadays many are going to Birkama market because prices of commodities are more affordable there. 

Good day!

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