Good Morning Mr. President: The new Cabinet, Gambia EU relations

Apr 25, 2022, 10:25 AM

Mr. President, all ears and eyes are focused on the State House, perhaps over the weekend for the disclosure of the members of the New Cabinet with some old guards and new ones.

With good advice, you can form a Cabinet which can excel to meet the challenges of the populace by fighting corruption, high cost of living, crime rate and set up commissions on land disputes. It can also empower Gambian fishermen with equipment, fight illegal fishing, improve the health sector with drugs, transportation, make education affordable as well as water and electricity available to every corner of the country.

Roads need to be rehabilitated, and public transport which is a nightmare needs to be addressed. 

Mr. President, we expect you to select qualified, competent and experienced people irrespective of their tribes, regions, religions and sex but based on merits.

There are many people who don’t belong to political parties but are very efficient.

It is good for the government to control vehicles, fuel and travels to save money. Currently the Cabinet is composed of 21 ministers including the vice president. Please stick to the number because of the economic crisis. Those who will be appointed should declare their assets and get medical reports. Those who lost in the recent parliamentary elections should not be appointed ministers, if not it will be a mockery to democracy.

Mr. President, those who lost parliamentary elections should not be appointed ministers or nominated members of parliament that’s the democracy rules. 

Mr. President last week, the Audit Report revealed that D63 million was unjustifiably spent from the COVID funds, the public needs a better explanation; if not culprits should dance to their tune.

You must stand firm against public servants mismanaging government resources.

Mr. President, your government must have dialogue with the European Union for Gambians rejected on visa applications.

Last week according to the Gambia Football Federation, the girls under-16 football team was denied visas to travel to Luxembourg for a three nations UEFA invitation tournament.

The Schengen visa denial is as result of the current restrictions placed on the Gambia by the European Union.

Mr. President, thousands of Gambians living in Europe for many years without committing crime should be given asylum. 

Good day!

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