Don’t drink and drive!

Apr 22, 2022, 12:06 PM

Road accidents on our highways are becoming a daily occurrence with no end in sight. Unfortunately, the menace has not only claimed the lives of many,but has also left many with life-time injuries. 

The issue has become such that it calls for national debate among the populace as to the root causes of these alarming rates of accidents on our roads. 

 However, some believe drugs and alcohol usage might also be the cause. But whatever, there should be harsh punishment for careless, arrogant and overspeeding drivers, who cause accidents. 

 Few days ago, an accident involving a truck around Buffer Zone claimed the lives of three.

 Despite these frequent accidents on our highways, authorities do little or nothing to curb the menace. 

 In any contentious issue, there must be a way out.  We believe the The National Road Authority (NRA) and The Gambia Police Force (GPF) alongside key stakeholders could do something to curb the menace. 

 These institutions owe it to the nation to put in place mechanisms to stem the tide of accidents on our roads. 

 For the NRA they should put an embargo on certain trucks plying our roads during the day especially at the peak of traffic when most people are either going to or coming from work. Such trucks should only ply during odd hours when there is less movement on our highways. 

 On the other hand, GPF’s cardinal role is to ensure law and order with much emphasis on the protection and security of the general populace.

 Unconfirmed reports have it that most drivers are issued license without even going through regular rigorous testing, which the law mandates all those applying for license to go through.

 This, according to many, has also contributed to the alarming fatal road accidents on our roads. As a matter of fact, any driver who goes through such rigorous testing would be able to know when and where to drive on the fast lane. 

 Again, going through the right channel, would-be drivers are taught all kinds of traffic rules and regulations, sign board signals, and when and the required speed to drive when entering a town or village. 

Our normal traffic sign boards along the highways are enough to educate even those who cannot read and write. 

 But the issue is, many disregard those traffic signs and they end up causing fatal accidents. 

 We therefore urge the police high command to look into that and find a lasting solution to the unending issue. 

 There should be tougher punishment for traffic defaulters, if not the menace would continue to be a burning issue in the country.  

 Don’t drink and drive because the life you save may be your own! 

“ The Lives you saved might be your own.” 

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