Good Morning Mr. President: The COVID-19 third wave

Jul 26, 2021, 12:20 PM

Mr. President, the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 is not sparing The Gambia as we are seeing the number of positive cases and deaths rapidly increasing by the day.

Your government has announced the compulsory use of face masks but it is yet to be enforced as many people are not taking it serious as before.​

The security around the markets, places of worship, public transports and other crowded places should make sure that the use of face masks is enforced. This needs to be strictly enforced on time to avoid any major lockdown in future.   

More sensitisation is also needed as people still lack sufficient knowledge about the COVID-19 most especially the delta variant (3rd wave).

Mr. President, it is important that people adhere to the WHO precautionary measures by providing hand washing facilities, and using of face masks and sanitisers at all public places.

The Ministry of Health should also be fully equipped and ready to assist people especially at this period.

Mr. President, we commend the U.S. government for donating 304,000 Johnson and Johnson Vaccine doses to The Gambia.​
The gift is very timely and people of age 18 and above should be encouraged to take the vaccine. The population should know about the vaccine and the importance of taking the vaccine.
The deadly disease is causing havoc in the world. In Africa alone, by the time of​ going to press, from March last year to date, there was 6,372,654 positive cases with 161, 630 deaths.

Mr. President, since the deadly​ disease is escalating, there is a need for health authorities of The Gambia and Senegal to continue to work closely by monitoring the porous borders .
Since COVID-19 is here to stay, preventive measures and recommendations of WHO should be upheld seriously.
It's the duty of opinion leaders, artistes, religious leaders, politicians and journalists to continue to sensitise the public to know that COVID-19 is real and it kills.

Finally Mr. President, Mr. Pap Saine, Co- publisher of The Point Newspaper was decorated with the best CEO's award in Africa last week in Dubai.

The management and staff of The Point Newspaper wish to congratulate him on this prestigious award and also thank all their customers, advertisers, readership, those who voted for him and well wishers for their continued support.

Mr. President, he mentioned in his acceptance speech that The Gambia through your leadership has made significant progress in press freedom. There is no more killing of journalists, burning of media houses as it was in Jammeh's regime when many journalists fled the country. "There is no more censorship in editorial policies in media houses compared to Jammeh's time." Journalists should be objective in doing their job without fear or favour and give credit where it's due. Your government should work with the press in a cordial atmosphere. We are partners in development and not enemies. Government should support the media to promote democracy, good governance and rule of law.

Good day!​

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