Good Morning Mr. President: IEC issues, Tobaski and Guinea 

Jun 7, 2021, 1:11 PM

Mr. President, the voter registration started last week but there is still need for more sensitisation for people to go out and register to get voters’ cards because the deadline is July 11th 2021 and the forthcoming presidential elections is scheduled for December 4th 2021.

IEC registration officers should be vigilant not to register youths under 18 attempting to register and also the unnecessary mistakes of wrongly spelling names and addresses of applicants. The IEC needs to act fast to work on some of their equipment that malfunctioned at registration centres. Peace Ambassador-The Gambia (PAG) voter registration reports have indicated that malfunctioning of registration equipment has affected the ongoing registration at some centres, causing early closure of registration processes.

Alkalolu, chiefs and politicians should not also encourage this malpractice as well as avoid registering foreigners. 

Mr. President, IEC has lamented the practice in the province so officers should be vigilant for politicians pushing youth under 18 to register.

Politicians and IEC officials should work smoothly for bona fide Gambians to register and avoid malpractices in the registration.

It should be made clear that expired documents like National ID cards or passports cannot be used but instead birth certificates can be used. 

All measures should be put in place to ensure the voter registration, campaign and the election goes well. The Diaspora will not be able to vote for presidential elections because of financial constraints that the government said it is facing.

IEC earlier promised them they would vote.

They should vote because they are playing a key role in the economy every year. Before the advent of COVID they were sending over 300 million US dollars every year as remittances.

Mr. President, Tobaski according to calendars, is July 20th 2021; by now a committee should be set up to contact neighbouring countries for the importation of rams and other livestock for The Gambia with affordable prices.

The CFA rate is very high, so taxes on the rams should be abolished as usual to make it easy for the importers which will in turn make the prices of rams affordable to every Gambian. 

There should be price control of rams and other commodities to avoid exploitation during the Tobaski. 

Mr. President, you have ended a 3 day official visit to Guinea Conakry to strengthen bilateral cooperation  especially in Trade, Tourism, Education, Energy and Fisheries.

It is also important that you do everything possible to mediate peace and reconciliation between presidents Alpha Conde and Macky Sall of Senegal. Since last September, before their elections, Guinea closed its borders with Senegal which has tremendously affected trade between the two countries and Gambia.  

Good neighbourliness is expected between neighbours.


Good day!

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