Let’s support our market vendors!

Jun 14, 2022, 11:53 AM

Supporting women in development is key in any meaningful development. 

And demonstrating high political commitment to gender empowerment especially women should not only stop at just mere lip service. These words should translate into actions.


For far too long, our women at the markets have cried for lack of market or basic facilities in their respective markets. Yet, these cries seem to still exist with no sign of change.


Many concluded that development comes with many challenges. Government cannot hand out cash to every citizen. But one way of ensuring that people are fully represented is by creating an enabling environment for people to survive.


It is a fact that a significant percentage of businesses in our local markets are run by women. And their earnings contribute to a significant portion of income for many households in The Gambia.

Therefore, creating market access for women saves lives and even exposes them to many opportunities to support their families.


In spite of the fact, most of these women are often excluded from market governance and decision making, they still remain determined to continue their businesses to support their families.


It is in the news that women vendors at the Sukuta-Salagi newly established market have voiced their concern by calling on the government to retain their new market and help them in building the market to improve their livelihoods. 


The Sukuta village leadership had identified a 95x60 metres plot of land to be used as a market for the women of Sukuta-Salagi and its satellite communities. But according to officials of the Sukuta-Salagi Unity Association, the government claimed the land in question is to be used as a reserved site for a different purpose.


This comes as a big blow to these market women who have been anticipating a new market all these years. And now these market women have already started businesses at the new market using wooden tents and umbrellas as construction gets underway.


It is only logical for the government to allow work to continue and for women to use it as a market. Let’s not forget that economic empowerment of women in businesses increases flexibility and access to a wide range of development.  Once you empower women, you empower a nation.


Development of the local market falls under the purview of local councils. However, these councils seem to be ineffective in living up to their expectations. Improving the conditions of our local market women has long been yearned for. Yet, no developments even its revenue collectors, forcing these market women to pay tax.

Government should allow these women to continue using the market.  Improving the livelihoods of these women translate into improving that of our communities, as the majority of them invest their income back into their families and communities.


Thus, when we talk about women empowerment it encompasses a wide range of areas. Economic support for women, which could have a far reaching positive impact on communities, is an understatement.


This market in question is to be used by their own wives, mothers, daughters and even etc. The population around Sukuta and Salagji area is fast-increasing by the day and it is only wise to create a market in the area that would respond to the market needs of the population in the area.  This would in-turn improve business and services without resorting to travel all the way to Serrekunda or other urban markets within the West Coast.

Let’s support and motivate our market women.

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