Good Morning Mr. President: A need to observe feasts on the same day 

Jun 1, 2020, 10:23 AM

Mr. President, we would like to congratulate the entire Muslim Ummah on the feast of ‘Koriteh.’ May Allah accept our fasting and grant our prayers.

Mr. President, it is high time for Gambians (Muslims) to unite and be praying on the same day. This division of days of prayers will take us nowhere, only to disunite us as Muslims.

The Supreme Islamic Council members who are in charge of notifying Muslims about the days of  prayers or fasting should take their time to avoid confusion or announcing two different dates. They should verify their information internally and within the sub-region as recommended by the principles of Islam before making any announcements. They should not be in a haste to announce a date and later change it, which majority of people are not always happy with.

It is the duty of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to invite members of the Supreme Council, religious leaders to come out with a strategy to solve this nagging problem.

Mr. President, the central bank has done a big move by providing 700 million dalasi to commercial banks to increase their lending capability to the private sector that needs help from government to tackle the covid-19 crisis.

Regarding your Eid message, in which you stated that “Everyone Will Be Accountable for Their Deeds” as you addressed Public Officials. We hope that your cabinet and the Gambian civil servants will also take heed and help you in running your government bearing in minds that someday all will be accountable, especially during these very hard times for the country, and the world at large in dealing with these and other functions at the helm of the country.

Mr. President, we use this opportunity to commend you on the recent appointment of the new coronavirus coordinator in The Gambia in these very uncertain times as you need to take such a measure and we hope that it will ease the burden on the Honourable Minister of Health and his officials as they continue to deal with the curing aspect of the pandemic and as well as other existing health issues under their purview. 

The world is looking at ways to help curb the spread of this deadly, yet controllable virus, when the necessary measures are put in place, especially in educating the public about the spread of the virus.

Mr. President, government and public health officials should work hand in glove with Mr. Alassan Senghore as the lead in the coordination and fight against this global covid-19 pandemic. Officials previously working in the covid-19 taskforce should be allowed to continue working with Mr. Alassan Senghore as may be necessary as they have experience in health education and promotion countrywide. 

Mr. President, let’s us not forget that The Gambia experienced a similar health crisis in the outbreaks of Measles and Meningitis in Africa in the 1980s, though not scaled as the covid-19 that has hit the whole world.

We therefore believe that with the right approach that Mr. Senghore will bring, covid-19 can be contained. Those working in the frontlines, be it health officials or security officials must be provided with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect them from infection and reduce exposure to the covid-19.
Mr. President, The Gambia and other lucky countries, thus far, have every reason to continue to guard against the spread and entry of covid-19 into their countries; this should be jealously guarded.

The joint security services must continue to do their good work in manning our borders and enforcing screening to safeguard the country from external cases. 

More random screening and testing of the virus should be conducted in the country like it was done in Bakau whilst controlling the internal and external movement of the population.

Given the fact that The Gambia is situated inside Senegal and surrounded on all three sides, all measures should be put in place to help this small and unequipped nation from succumbing to the covid-19 woes.

Mr. President, as we all have heard from the reasons shared by the Honorable Health Minister, the fight against covid-19 is a big one and needs all hands-on deck. The new coordinator should therefore be seen and welcomed by all and sundry as agent of the state, as he is helping the Gambian nation

Mr. President, we request that you consider urgently helping the many Gambians stranded abroad due to the closure of national airports around the world. Lately some of the African governments have come to the aid of those caught between borders in this pandemic to evacuate them home through chartered flights.

Finally Mr. President, your government should join the world in reacting to the killings of blacks in the United States as the latest victim reported is said to be a citizen of The Gambia.

We offer our sympathy to the late Momodou Lamin Sisay's family and pray that his soul will rest in perfect peace.

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