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Youth forum: African Community Services and The [Inter] National Youth Development Trust [NYDT]

Sep 30, 2014, 10:31 AM | Article By: Bakary Samateh

The goal of youth programs at African Community Services is to build leadership skills in youth to enhance their personal and professional development and promote community engagement and participation. The programs and services provide youth with information and services that promote positive growth, development and decisionmaking.

Target Group

The program is open to all visible minority youth between the ages of 13 to 24. Older youth are accommodated based on program and issue/need.

•           Youth facing immigration and settlement challenges

•           Immigrant and Refugee Youth

•           In and out of school youth

•           All youth interested in participating in our programs


Young African Achievers Club

•           Youth Arts and Heritage Program

•           One on One Youth Mentoring Program

•           Youth Personal Safety and Crime Prevention Program

•           Youth Leadership Development Program

•           Refugee Youth Project

•           Voices of African Youth Project

•           Recreational Youth Activities

•           Summer Youth Employment Program

•           Summer Youth Camps Program

•           Volunteer Training and Development Program

•          co- Work Placement Program (High School, College and University Students)


•           Supportive One on one and Group Counselling

•           Information, referrals and advocacy

•           Recreational Activities

•           Home Work Assistance

•           Cultural Heritage, Arts and Drama

•           Poetry Writing and Recital Competition

•           Community Field Trips

•           Peer Mentoring/ Tutoring

•           Community Engagement and Participation activities

•           Personal Safety and Social Skills Development Training

•           Workshops/group discussions on issues relevant to youth

•           Job Search and Employment Support

•           Computer and Internet Support

•           Mentoring Activities

•           General support and encouragement

Summer Youth Employment

In partnership with Human Resources Skills Development (HRSD), ACS provides employment to eligible students to enable them acquire work experience and improve their employability skills. Through this program, student acquire valuable work skills in administrative and community programming and also acquire hands-on experience in internet research, community outreach and promotion, event planning, program evaluation, networking, documentation and report writing. In addition, they learn about office communication, procedures and protocols.


Eligible student employees are high school, college and university students returning to school the following September.

African Community Services and The Inter National Youth Development Trust 

The [Inter] National Youth Development Trust [NYDT] focuses primarily on career path prediction and the tracking of vocational achievement within the framework of Intelligence Based Enterprise Model Design [IEMD].

To achieve success, we explore the limits of modern living, and confront critical Global issues and problems we are facing now, and will face in future.

We dedicate ourselves to the design of solutions for Tomorrow’s challenges.

We are Thought Guardians for Tomorrow’s Achievers. Tomorrow’s Achievers are also Tomorrow’s Leaders.

 There can be no doubt that the traditional approach of classroom knowledge as predominant success factor for functional career development has – for various reasons – become outdated: Money and information have become two very critical aspects of Modern Living.

Our Programme has therefore been modelled around 10 pioneering and/or benchmarking aspects:

1.  The establishment of a Global MarketSpace FRANSciSE as elite environment for vocational MarketSpace development from Birth to the age of 40 years old;

2.  The introduction of the Vocational Intern concept and selection audit’ions for the identification of suitable intern candidates;

3.  The promotion of career path development is an entrepreneurial activity with each intern developing a Vocational 


4.  The introduction of Career Alignment Projects [CAP’s] for interns to predict career paths and track achievements;

5.  The creation of Vocational Intermediaries [VI’s] as a modern Profession to assist vocational interns with career path design and development;

6.  The introduction of Vocational Intelligence as functional support system for successful career path development;

7.   The development of a system that underwrites Financial Independence at Retirement Age [FIARA];

8.  The design of a Global Value Standard for vocational development.

9.  Global Village MarketSpace for products and services

10.  The establishment of a Global Valuation Panel consisting of practicing professionals with international standing to determine the commercial value of the attributes and achievements of interns.