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Young Gambians arrested in Italy

Jun 24, 2015, 11:46 AM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang in Italy

Two young Gambians in Italy have been arrested near their residence in Piazza Galimberti in Via Giordano Bruno, for alleged sexual violence.

Morrow Danso, 21, and Bamba Jabbie, 25, all from Basse-Santo-Su were arrested on 20 June 2014 at 2pm on their way coming from work.

The young men were forced into a Blue-Police car, and up to the time of going to press they were yet to be home.

The police said the men will not be harmed; they (the police) are going to investigate them.

The friends of the duo who shared the same residence with them said they do not know the whereabouts of the arrested youths.

“They were arrested and driven away by the police,” the friends lamented. “We cannot get to them by telephone and we do not know where they are.”

“Bamba and Morrow are both with Italian documents, and have not been involved in any publicly known criminal issue since they came to Italy in 2010.”

The friends of the duo said it is not uncommon these days to see African migrants, even documented ones, arrested by the police en mass.

“This sudden arrest has left us in deep fear,” they said. “We are afraid to leave our houses now and, when we do, we are usually very watchful of the police.”

Earlier on, three African migrants whose nationality was not immediately identified were arrested, following an alleged sexual violence on a differently-abled girl last month.

The alleged incident took place in the residence of the arrestees, which was what exposed the African migrants in the area to more arrests.

Meanwhile, friends of the arrested Gambians continue to pray for the release of their loved ones anytime they are breaking fasting in Italy, our correspondent reported.

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