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Young Gambian Writer Appeals For Sponsors

Aug 27, 2009, 6:04 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Mr. Malick Nyan, a young Gambian writer who has authored books, including The Gambia Dates and Events, Africa Cultivated the Western World, amongst others, has appealed to the public for sponsorship to publish and launch his new book entitled "The Unknown King".

Speaking to this reporter, the young Gambian writer Mr. Malick Nyan, said his new book has a typical African background and settings that reflect on the peoples' mindset centuries ago.

'This refers to a story that took place seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven (7777) years ago. It refers to a boy born on Friday evening by 7pm who crawled after 7months and was able to recognise the faces and voices of his parents.

Five years after the death of his father, he disappeared and joined the kingdom of the Jinns, but can only remember the seven metres poplin cloth that his father was wrapped in and the Imam in front of the mosque..''he revealed.

According to Mr. Nyan, his first edition and second editions were 100 copies each, but he now wants to produce more copies to the demanding populace.

"I have produced in my first and second edition 100 copies each, but I want to produce more copies this time around for the demanding populace. If I have a good sponsor I will produce more copies to the people to boost the reading culture in the Gambia.

My first and second editions were sponsored by an individual that's why the copies were not much. I am a patriotic Gambian who wants to contribute to nation-building but I need support to achieve my dreams,'' he stated.

Mr. Nyan has also produced another book entitled The Rise of The Second Republic, which he said, is dedicated to the President of the Republic.

As stated by Mr. Nyan those who want to sponsor can contact the Vice-Presidents Office or the Ministry of Education.