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Control bush fires

Dec 8, 2009, 2:01 PM

The menace of bushfires has just started once more with the destruction of farm produces, for instance, in the villages of Dampha Kunda, Sutukoba and Baja Kunda all in URR.

Most often the perpetrators of bushfire are  unknown.

But the consequences are many and severe not only to nature but to people.

In most cases it forced people to loose their farm products, while starved uncountable animals.

The Ministry of Forestry and Environment should strengthen their sensitisation efforts in communities to help avert the situation. Bush fires can be serious and if not addressed adequately it can cause a big problem for our rural settlers and the country as a whole.

It’s a fact that bushfires are not caused naturally but either by cigarette smokers deliberately or by bad elements or even people searching for honey.

The need to preserve our environment is very important and there should be no compromised for those found wanting in the menace.

We also encourage our farmers to make fire belts in their communities so as to prevent their farm produces from bush fires in case of any eventuality.

We also urge the public to report anyone found wanting in the practice.

No doubt, these measures would go a long way towards addressing the situation.

We also appeal to those who are well off to consider assisting fire victims, especially those who lost their farm produces at this critical period of the year.