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World Festival of Black Arts to Kick-start in December

Jul 10, 2009, 9:20 AM

Preparations are remarkably in progress for the World Festival of Black Arts. The event is catalogued to take place in Dakar Senegal in December this year.

Within the context of globalisation, Senegal has taking the decision to organise the third World Festival of Black Arts, to the remobilization of the cultural diversity of Africa and the Diaspora, for the sake of the long lasting development of the continent. As decided by the Head of State, Maitre Abdoulaye Wade and in keeping with the mandate of the conference of African ministers of culture, held in Dakar in 1980.

According to the information from the organisers, this year's event would be hosted by Senegal from 1st to 21st December 2009 as the third World Festival of black Arts (WFBA). In keeping with its vocation as a land of creativeness and of dialogue, Senegal would no doubt welcome the creative minds of the African Renaissance.