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Sep 3, 2015, 10:15 AM | Article By: Alagie JInkang L.LM, Msc

This question is banal. It is difficult and simple at the same speed. Both the stupid and ignorant could answer it. It is an awesome disgrace to the modern era that such a mother is left abandoned, deliberately forgotten, plundered and raped. No question whatever is asked over why she is denied justice, dignity of her true status.

Africa is both the mother and child of all continents. The source of originality, civilization, and power. The birth of who we are today has it largest holds from this poor rich continent.

The people who are knowledgeable and ignorant of the soccer game. The game of witch hunting each other. They (Africans) share and claim unanimity in every livelihood activities- thus signifies the word Africa-the home of communism.

Africa the continent rich in everything and nothing. Has it bearings to the outsiders. The naked terrorists. The plunderers. The dictators in white paints. The murderers with stain hands.

The hungry continents outside Africa has eaten even their own hands-Africa. Amicable ignorant Africa has given more than it has and now helplessly hungry. Motherland Africa can hardly recover her originality. Her enemies have it all-in the second-hand fashion- albeit they claim authority over it. Now Africans are “copy-carts”. They are compelled to believe in their complexion in regards to knowledge. They are labelled “the dark continent” when they are really the opposite. The land that serves or exports everything now receives almost everything just in their bad situations.

The crying mother-Africa shall not dye in malnutrition nor should her ungrateful children (other continents) allow her mourn perpetually. She must live well for her children’s prosperity. Though many of her children are ignorant of this nursery fact. They think she must give away for their survival not knowing that will backfire themselves.

The present socio-political crisis has a lot to say. Africa must be given her motherhood, her dues, her true status that belongs to only her for a peaceful solution to our uncontrolled catastrophic atmosphere that metamorphosis itself only in the wrong direction.

The ‘empathy’ that is manifested by her children is but only false. They have at lest to compensate her. They should acknowledge their true source. There is no independent second stage without an origin.

The world’s problem is one. That is injustice. The denial of our golden holy truth. The courage to lie. The faith for falsehood. A masterpiece plan to plunder the week and the poor. The birth of total bastardization. The final Infinitive retrogresses. They love of individualism and the birth of evil Capet skyrocketing capitalism.

The fall of the big tree cannot gather together the little birds. Things are at the mercy of the devil. The self who wish nothing good for itself. The truth must be told. History cannot be denied forever. Those denying the peaceful protesters will give rise to a violent one. Should the guilty world keep silent of wrong things that matter, then we shall finally extinguish humanity.

The survival of the fittest is never conclusive or constructive.