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Why Africa Lags Behind?

Jun 25, 2009, 3:46 AM

Africa is the richest continent yet the poorest.

But African countries are trapped into wars and conflicts because of one or more reasons. Some times greed is responsible for this situation. At other times the situation is not far removed from self-perpetuation on the part of political leaders, or poor governance. Thus, statistics has shown that African countries are prone to wars for reasons pretty similar to those that make them prone to coups.

Once a country is shackled into this situation, development does not seem to matter any longer.

That's why Africa is the epicenter of unwarranted coups and rebellions.

Africa does not have peace because it is Africa.

Africa does not become rich and developed because Africans do not apply their intelligence to make the optimum use of its economic resources. It is therefore incumbent on African leaders to spearhead initiatives designed to take the continent out of this unfortunate and unwarranted situation. Africa can do better than this if there is political will and a genuine commitment of leaders.

Africa is poor and prone to all these problems because we tend to underrate the risk factors that control the above mentioned problems. This is also true for peace and development.

If wars and coups that continue to bedevil the continent can be avoided by observing best practices, promoting human rights and democratic freedoms, then these courses of action should be pursued faithfully and vigorously. The same course would also point to the attainment of peace and development. The final result will always, however depend on which way we want to go.

"Each man is the architect of his own destiny"

Appius Claudius Caecus