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Where else if not HB’s Fashion Boutique!

Feb 10, 2012, 12:49 PM

Well located on the Sabena-Bakau highway near Timbooktoo Bookshop complex, HB’s Fashion is out to meet all your needs in terms of fashion and style.

At HB’s Fashion Boutique, all the latest wares, ranging from clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics and the things that give you new looks, can be found.

HB’s Fashion is set and ready for all and sundry to meet your needs. The hoteliers as well as the executives would surely meet their expectations at HB’s Fashion. But no one is excluded.

The PointEntertainment can reveal that the outfit is open for business, with a view to adequately and effectively respond to the needs of customers including high-profile ladies.

If one looks at the works of contemporary designers as different from one another, one would see that many of their strategies echo what HB’s Fashion is doing.

So all those who aspire to have new looks need no longer travel further afield to such countries as the US and Europe to get the latest wares in the world, as they can now be got here at home without one being hit hard in the pocket.

In a chat with Entertainment on Wednesday at her office, Horeja Bobb Faye, manager of HB’s Fashion, said the products comprise handbags, shoes, dresses, cosmetics as well as perfumes.

Horeja says HB’s Fashion was established in December last year to contribute to national development through business.

The fashion boss, who was in the UK to further her education in Travel and Tourism, said that after completing her course, she decided to come back home - since there is no place like home - to contribute to the socio-economic development of The Gambia.

“I worked as customer care officer for six years,” she said, adding that she also did business management, which helps her with the management of her business.

“My intention is to have more fashion shops and salons within the country to employ more Gambians,” Madam Bobb-Faye says, adding that people can visit HB’s Fashion on Garba Jahumpa Road, near Timbooktoo Bookshop or call 9141435.

Where else if not HB’s Fashion Boutique, can one get all the latest wares of the world?